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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The loft above Luke's, Monday evening
Dinah had been sleeping about an hour when the nightmare started.

Running through a maze, trying to get somewhere. A voice saying You're going the wrong way. One of the walls was a giant white tombstone: Ludmilla, former queen of Sidra, executed 2013. Another turn and an iron gate barred the way. Hobart was laughing at her from the other side. No matter how hard she lunged against it, trying to reach him, she just couldn't manage it, fingers barely brushing him, and when she tried to reach with her mind, he faded away.... Then the gas was heading toward her, from every passage way, closing in, thick and choking.

She woke up on a panicked inhale of breath.

[ooc: for the guy who lives there, and does not sleep on the couch.]

Priestly was -- where else -- in the kitchen, fortunately not trying to recreate his anti-Columbus opus from the afternoon. He was surfing online, doing his best not to hover over Dinah while also being close enough to -- yep, there it was.

"Hey." He headed over to sit down next to her. "You're good. You're in Fandom. It's okay."

"Wha--?" Dinah flinched, eyes huge, then sagged. "Ohh." She scrubbed at her face with both hands, and leaned into Priestly. "Was I shrieking again?"

"A) that would require you shrieking a first time, and b) no." Priestly offered her a small smile. "You okay?"

Everything she was trying to forget crashed in on her again, and Dinah shook her head miserably. The immediate past sucked. Thinking about New Gotham wasn't bad. But it felt even more uncertain than ever, after the disappointment in Glacia.

Here wasn't so bad, though.

Priestly reached over to pull her against him. "Yeah, I know." He wasn't convinced he knew what to do about it, but he was willing to try. "You need some more water?"

Dinah considered, then shook her head. "Thanks," she whispered. "For being here." She would be so so much worse right now if he weren't here to hang on to.

"Being here is one of my talents," Priestly assured her.

"You've got lots of them," Dinah agreed. Safe. Quiet. Okay. How did he do that? It was like magic, jeez.

It had a lot to do with the fact that he didn't go out and actively seek danger.

"Well, at least two."

Dinah snickered and cuddled closer. "You going to make me guess the other one?"

"Uh, you can?" Priestly said. "But it's noooooooooot gonna be that hard."

"You sure?" More giggling. It felt good to tease Priestly, good to just ... hang out. Be. Dinah kissed his cheek. "You could be wro-ong." Heh.

"No, pretty sure you already know what my talents are," Priestly said. "Not like I've been hiding things from you."

"Nope. You never do."

Thoughts. Possibilities. What if...?

Dinah pressed her forehead to his. Just breathing. "Priestly?"


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