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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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On the march to Sidra, Wednesday (Fandom time)
Dinah was riding in the back of the Commandos' cart, reading her Advanced Forensics textbook, trying to stay on top of this week's reading. Well, trying to. Ulrich and Kirt kept asking questions. Mark was taking a nap, or pretending to. Samantha was up front, driving.

The army was a few more days out from the capital, hopefully. People along the route weren't numerous, but they did get the occasional group of people staring, or wandering over to ask questions.

Five months in Fandom/New Gotham time; nearly ten in Kaeleer, since Karla formed her Court... and it was almost over.

[for those in Kaeleer, or phone/text messages.]

Raven had been riding her kindred mount, Lord Fleetwood, and as usual was going up and down the line of the army, checking for any who might need healing or any other assistance she could offer. She'd become a much better rider in the past ten months, though she was never going to be as comfortable on horseback as others.

She saw the Commandos' Cart and pulled up along side it. "Hello, Dinah," she said. "How are you today?"

"Considering running away to join the circus. Oh wait." She gave Ulrich and Kirt a glare, and they smirked back at her. "Trying to study, if certain people didn't think that meant giving me pop quizzes on voir dire. Even when they don't know what it means." She leaned way out of the cart to pet Lord Fleetwood. "How are you doing?"

Which gave Ulrich an excuse to grab her book and jump out of the cart. And Kirt to chase him. Seriously, guys.

"I am fine," Raven said. "And I am sorry, I did not mean to interrupt your studying. But what is 'voir dire'?"

She'd never studied forensics, and she likely never would.

"So much for that," Dinah said, watching the guys chase each other up and down the line. "Voir dire is about questioning jury members, and expert witnesses. Since, if I manage to actually graduate this year, I might actually have to testify as practitioner or specialist in investigations some day... assuming I can get a job."

So many assumptions, man. Dinah scritched Fleetwood behind his ears. "Kirt and Ulrich think it's interesting. I'm pretty sure I'm glad they'll never see Real Court TV." She sat back on her heels. "And I keep wondering how things will go with Hobart and Ludmilla when we get to Sidra. If we can get them into custody. But I'm kind of too nervous to ask."

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It had taken him a while to nerve himself up to it, but during one of those very rare moments when there weren't a dozen pairs of eyes on him to keep Jonothon from straying too far and potentially straining himself... somehow or other, he steered his horse toward Raven and hers.

"Raven, luv? Have you got a moment?"

They hadn't parted on the greatest of terms, he knew that. He also knew that it was in no small part because he'd been an insufferable ass.

"Jonothon," Raven said, turning her head and giving him a slight nod.

"I hope you have been doing well."

"As well as one can expect, really," Jono replied, nodding back. And then... riding awkwardly for a moment or two before clearing his throat a little. "Surrounded myself with babysitters of a sort back on the island. Plenty of people to thump sense into me when I push myself too hard. Which... is apparently something I do terribly often."

Ridiculously often.

"I think I owe you an apology, though. I don't think either of us were necessarily thinking particularly straight after what happened in Yllestad, but that's not any excuse for some of the things I said."

He would stand by it not being any excuse for the 'you're welcome' that had come on the heels of a full settlement of Blood lives and half of his own troops, but that wasn't something he was going to say outright, either. He'd been an ass. He'd own up to it.

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Jono was... well, he was here, which was better than he had been able to say for quite some time. The Healers with the army had made certain he was bundled up thoroughly, which mostly meant that they'd forced him into a scarf, and those of his own team that had chosen to remain with Karla had even guilted him up onto a horse.

He didn't look like he was having the greatest time in the world, but at least Joni, who was peering out of his coat pocket at anything and everything she could possibly spot, seemed to be having the time of her life.

What? He'd been assured that the fighting was over, and it wasn't like they were going to let him into combat even if it wasn't. He was going to bring his cat along, blast it. He needed something to keep him sane while everybody treated him with wholly unnecessary (in his opinion) kid gloves.

From further back in the procession, Dinah texted him.

How bored are you yet? Or did you sneak out some maps?

I've been staring at the back of this horse's head for hours. If you love me at all, you'll come up here and put me out of my misery.

Jono didn't ask for much, really.

Dinah snickered, and clambered out of the cart, texting as soon as she'd mounted Swift.

On my way to rescue you!

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Momoko was totally not jealous of Dinah's book, no. She was just going to be over here with her Spanish text and trying to care about subjunctives.

If she occasionally stretched her leg and kicked Mark, while he pretended to sleep? es posible que Momoko pensó que era divertido.

... Wait, was that right?

Ugh. In about five sentences, she was totally going flying again. Or call Jaime. Maybe she should call Jaime?

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Dinah looked over after she'd been talking to Raven, and grinned. "Calling your love muffin?"

Look, she was owed happy news and teasing.

Well, not now that you said that!!!!

"No!" Momoko pocketed the phone quickly, pinking lightly. "And ew! 'Love muffin'?"

"Better than stud muffin, isn't it?" Dinah blithely asked. "How're things going there, with Senor Jaime Reyes your significant otherrrrr?"

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