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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham U., New Gotham, Tuesday afternoon
Dinah had gotten in early on Monday, crashed in the Clocktower, gone to Cathedral Square with Camille late that night, gotten all her materials together for class, and now sat through two lectures that had kind of given her cognitive dissonance. It wasn't just the syllabi and test schedules and 'I will know if you plagiarize, I am psychic' lectures that the professors had given so far. It was also the idea of studying at all, not to mention studying Kidnap & Rescue when, uh, she'd been doing that all summer.

So now she was relaxing in the quad, watching the students at the club booths hawking free sweatshirts and reusable water bottles, and feeling kind of... weird.

She sent out a mass text, then put her earphones in, wondering at the disconnect in her brain.

Home. Having classes. Everything good. Enjoying it still being autumn. Gonna go hit people at Curbstomp later.

What's up?

[ooc: if you think you got this text, you did.]

Text from Momoko



No hitting people.


I made cookies and you can't have any. Cause you're evil. Totally turning into Old!DInah!!!


Re: Text from Momoko

It was the truth! I told him you got healed! It wasn't like I threw you under the bus!

It was totally like that, only less thought-out.

Also I now have Alfred cookies NYAH NYAH

Did he yell at you? (sorry?)

Re: Text from Momoko

You told him i was injured! You know how he worries!! he totally lectured me. I lost all my veggie smiley points!

She looked over at the plate of giant misshapen overbaked cookies cooling on the counter...

Mine taste exactly like Mr Alfred cookies!!! HA!

No they didn't, and now she was sad and kinda wondering if she could send him some and ask why.

Re: Text from Momoko

I'm really sorry? He was yelling, I lost track of my words, you know how it is

Priestly Yelling was always to be avoided.

yay cooking! And cookies

How is EP? And are you still feeling okay?

Re: Text from Momoko

NO PRIESTLY YELLING!!! is like Santa frowning!

Feeling fine! Got a b on a spanish essay about shopping!! failed astronomy quiz. You feel ok back in NG?

Re: Text from Momoko

EXACTLY! Or Easter Bunny crying.

Yaaay essay! boooo quiz.

Feel weird. Physically fine. Mentally, have world-lag.

Re: Text from Momoko

I fell asleep in class and rushed through quiz to catch up. Used Glacian star names.

Stupid Ulrich, teaching her things.

It gets a little easier? It's like a secret identity just a million times weirder.

Re: Text from Momoko

That's why Priestly was yelling. Didn't want me to go back again. Dinah looked around and sighed.

I wish it was over, there. I wish it so hard. But now I miss it. My brain hurts.

Re: Text from Momoko

He asked me when I was going to stop going. I told him not until they stopped needing me. He wasn't happy.

She sighed.

I keep wondering if we're doing any good. You know?

Re: Text from Momoko

I know. And yet, at the moment, she still wasn't doing anything, right here. Except recover from classroom work.

You were, I think. Flying all those posters out, spreading the papers. Me, I dunno. Not so much left to do.

Re: Text from Momoko

Momoko eyerolled at that.

You guys had the important part! Meeting the people/talking to them. I had stupid Blood teens taking potshots at me as I littered

Re: Text from Momoko

Dinah snickered at that, even if she hadn't meant to.

Still. I dunno. Maybe I'll feel better after a couple patrols. Barbara's not letting me do it until Thursday, at least. Says I need to acclimate.

Told Priestly he needs to visit, after. He was talking about Santa Cruz, too.

Feels like life only gets to start again when the war's over....

Re: Text from Momoko

Momoko totally knew what Dinah was feeling.

Maybe it helps that I am not Blossom when I am here? So I get used toit faster?

Plus she'd been doing the dual-life thing longer than Dinah.

I miss Moshi

Re: Text from Momoko

Dinah'd had a secret identity longer... but this was on top of that. It didn't seem to help.

Maybe? And where's Moshi? Camille's back at Cathedral Square with me

Re: Text from Momoko

In Tokyo City with my parents. I don't want him or the crabs here if I am not sure how long I will be gone

Re: Text from Momoko

Ahhh. Yeah, that's where having a roomie that knew your secret identity came in handy. And a family who lived in-town.

Dinah was not about to say this war needed to be settled so Momoko could get her cat back, but... See, it was just one more thing. And it sucked more for the residents of Glacia, but it made it hard for her and Momoko to make their own lives not-suck.

I'm sure he misses you too. Maybe you can come visit, bring him, have a real New Gotham weekend? Hit the Millenium Mile, you can see what I took Triela to

Re: Text from Momoko

And Momoko's thoughts were pretty much the exact same.

What did you take her to?

Re: Text from Momoko

Dinah's chest kind of ached.

Everything. The shooting galleries, she won all these prizes. The carousel, and the really really huge Ferris wheel. She didn't like the fast rides so much-- she was pretty sick by then. Food was the same, hard for her to eat...

But we walked around, saw everything. Got a sidewalk artist to draw her in chalk. Saw the street performers.

I'm really glad you're still here. Especially after this summer. But sometimes I miss her a lot

Re: Text from Momoko


Momoko looked over at the small Butsudan she'd asked her family to buy for her. Not many people her age even thought about having one anymore - hers already had ihai placed there.

I miss her too. We could go shooting in her honour.

Although they'd better beat her score, if they did or she'd come after them.

You need to see my place. I have almost all the boxes empty!

Re: Text from Momoko

Sounds like a plan. Triela would be happy they were still practicing, anyway.

I do! Especially after we bought all that stuff for it. Dinah grinned and rapidly typed: Did you get Jaime to help you with the roller-thingie?

Re: Text from Momoko

Roller thingie?

She leaned away from the kitchen counter and turned to look into the main room. "I have a roller thingie?"

Maybe? What's a roller thinge?

Re: Text from Momoko

One of the things me and Priestly bought, along with the potholders? It might still be in the box.

Dinah wasn't entirely sure what it had been for, anyway. Jaime might know what to do with it!

Which had been the whole point, anyway.

Re: Text from Momoko

Box... boxes...

Which box?

She turned to the stack of boxes against the kitchen wall. She'd moved them from in front of the stove so she could bake her cookies!

There's so many things I didn't have room in the drawers. I have three thermometers! Jaime said one is for candy and one is for meat.

She rummaged a moment... then sent a picture to Dinah: This it?

Re: Text from Momoko

No. Hunh. I wonder what that is? .. are you going to make candy?


The box is yellow! And about the same size as that. The thingy is black and white. Alfred has one.

Yes, that's very helpful, Dinah.

Re: Text from Momoko

Maybe I will! She'd made cookies, after all!

"Yellow? I have a yellow box?" Momoko looked a bit more, then shrugged.

Don't see it. Maybe in bottom box? She snapped a photo of the remaining stack of boxes.

I think you guys got me too much!!!

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