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MiniDinah, MiniDinahballoon, MiniDinahTeddy
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Saturday morning
Dinah had woken up early-early, and played with Camille on her bed (hide-and-seek in the blankets!), then gotten up and brushed her hair and put on a dress-up dress 'cause it was Saturday, and then found balloons and decided to blow some up, at least as much as she could 'cause she didn't have enough breath to blow them all up, and waited for Edward 'cause they were going to play with SWORDS today, and had some cookies for breakfast because that's what was in the room and now she was chasing the balloons and Camille was hiding under the bed!

Sugar + Dinah = fun!

[door and post is open, expecting Edward last]

"Three one two! Dinaaaaaah! I's here!" he bounded into her room, announcing himself easily. "I have my sword too!"

"Edward!" Dinah squealed, spinning around and launching herself at him. "Hi hi hi! Yay sword! Look, I have balloons!"

He tried catching her 'cause he was a prince. "Hi! Oooh, I likes them! Can I have two?"

Dinah gave him a big squeeeeeeeze 'cause he was her friend and then bounced back. "Sure! I have lots! Mostly blue, but there's pink and purple and yellow and green and pink, do you want a blue one?" She held up a handful and almost bonked him in the face with them. "And then we go play swords!"

"A blue one, ah-hah! I looooove blue- Oh!" he leaned back before he got bonked with them. "I like dark red bestest. Do you have cookies?" Prince Edward was easily sidetracked. Surprise surprise.

"I do!" Dinah nearly shrieked it, dropping all the balloons and rushing over to her cookie box. Alfred sent them. Alfred was the best. "See, see, have some!"

Prince Edward bounded after her, forgetting the balloons in favor of something more yummy. "Oooh! 'Cause I'm hungry!" Both hands went in the box and both hands came out with two cookies in each. He extended his right hand towards her. "For you, Dinah, 'cause you're a little lady!"

"Thank-you-very-much," Dinah recited, bobbing her head at him and taking a cookie. That's what you said, even if they were your cookies first. "They are nummy." As you could tell by the trail of crumbs on her dress. Munch, munch, munch, munch. "Okay you fight me with the sword and I fight you with the balloon!" Completely fair.

He shoved a whole cookie in his mouth, spewing crumbs as he laughed and bobbed his head. "S'kay, Dinah!"

Putting his other cookies on the floor, he pulled out his wee plastic sword from his pocket. "Come on come on!"

"ATTACK OF BALLOON MONSTERRRRR!" Dinah shouted, grabbing two handfuls of balloons and flailing them at him, giggling. "Grrrrrrrr!"

Jumping up and down, he swiped at them. "I will dispatch you meeeeenie balloon monster! Take that, and that..." he said, thrusting with his wee sword.

"Grrrr! Rooowwww!" Dinah was giggling in between growls, whapping the balloons every which way, and


"Ahhh!" She blinked and pouted at one of the now-dead balloons, then pointed at Edward. "You killed it!"

He laughed triumphantly. "It's dead! I killed it dead 'cause I's a prince and that's what we do to monterrrrrrrs!"

"Yay prince!" Dinah waved the rest in the air, then gave the popped one a worried look. "Have to blow up another one. Oh well. If you gotta, you gotta." That's what Mommy said. "Wait wait wait, I'll blow up another one! No killing more 'til I blow it up, 'kay?"

Prince Edward said, "'Kay." But sometimes princes had a mind of their own, especially if they're wee.

He started bouncing around in her room, stabbing random balloons.

"Wait wait wait," Dinah ordered, blowing up the balloon as fast as she could. Not easy! "Not ready! Edward!"

He whipped around to look at her, laughing. "What, Dinah, what? Oh! I can blow up one! I has lots of air!"

"Yesss!" Even better! Dinah held out the bag of balloons to him, eyes nearly crossing as she huffed and puffed into the one she was trying to blow up. "You do it too! We'll fill the WHOLE ROOM!"

Come Monday, Dinah was going to be very amused at her new room decorations.

Plopping on the floor, legs crossed, Edward dropped his sword in favor of the bag of balloons. He pulled out a handful and started blowing up a purple one. It was pretty easy and fun and his eyes bugged out a little as his cheeks turned pink.

A few more balloons later, and Dinah's attention span disappeared again. "Can I play with the swoooord now? Please? Please?" She kicked a balloon across the room and giggled. Then kicked another one.

Camille gave a protesting mew from under the bed. "Kitty!"

Edward managed to blow up six balloons before he remembered his cookie on the floor. He reached for it and shoved it in his mouth.

"But you have to be careful. It can be dangerous, Dinah." He picked it up and handed it to her.

"Kitty!" There was a kitty! He crawled on hands and knees towards Dinah's bed.

Dinah took the sword, and started whapping balloons around WHAP WHAP WHAP heee!

"That's Camille, she's my kitty, she's hiding," she confided in Edward. WHAP WHAP WHAP BOING. "But you found her!"

"Kittykittykitty, come 'ere, kitty," he wiggled under her bed, boots sticking out with their toes digging into the floor. "Come 'ere kitty. DINAH! She's in the corner and won't come out! Kitty come play!"

"Camille! Duchess Camilla!" Dinah dropped the sword and flopped onto the floor next to Edward, sticking her head under the bed. "C'mere! Please? Please, Camilla. PLEASE." She sighed, and drummed her heels on the floor, looking over at Edward. "She doesn't wanna come here."

He pouted at Dinah. "She dun like me?"

"Awwww! She doesn't like me either," Dinah told him, crawling backwards out from under the bed.

Camille so didn't care. She wasn't going out there with the hyper people.

Dinah patted his legs. "Let's go find monsters! And more breakfast maybe."

He wiggled out and bounced up on his booted feet.

"Yay! I want eggs and bacon and sausage! And I will kill monsters with my sword! Ah-hahhhhh!"

"Ahhhh-aaah!" Dinah imitated him. "YAY! Let's go!"

She grabbed a handful of balloons to take with her. 'Cause you need those.

He grabbed his sword and some balloons and skipped after her, giggling.