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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Outside Yllestad, Glacia, (Wednesday after noon, Fandom Time)
After a tagging in-and-out with Momoko, who was on her way back to El Paso, at one of their Portalocity layovers (the one with the hyperintelligent shades of blue; they'd said to say hiii!! to Priestly), then getting in to Glacia late at night, waking up and packaging up the flyers for distribution, Dinah had been studying maps... and then waiting until the Province Queens had been and gone. That thing with getting your brain scanned? Never fun. Then again, it hadn't been fun for the Queens in question either. Not any of it. Karla had handled it very... majestically. It was weird to have a real-life frame of reference for that word.

Now the Commandos were getting ready to leave on another tour of Glacia; this time distributing flyers with photos, questions, and accusations wherever they went. Other groups (and individuals) were prepping to do the same. Swift was insisting on coming along on this time, and was going to meet up with them at the first place where a Rose Wind crossed their trail.

*Maybe you'll get into less trouble if I'm there.*

"Yeah, I kind of doubt that," Dinah told him, scratching behind his ears.

[ooc: open for interaction from camp, phone calls, texts.]