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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Antidote For What Ales You Tavern, the Town of Arundal, Southern Glacia, Monday night (Fandom time)
The group of commandos had picked up the medical supplies a day and a half ago, and started distributing them in villages as they traveled. There were enough that they'd had a wagon with the supplies, as well as two horses, so they were making better time as they went, making sure the three villages they'd passed through so far knew that it was due to Karla, not Hobart. The reaction they'd gotten had been skepticism, but not outright hostility, at least. And a willingness to accept the goods, which was a start. But how could you tell if support and sides were switching? When was it going to be enough?

They'd stopped at Arundal for the night, leaving the horses and wagon at the stable, and settling in for a non-scavenged-or-hunted meal. The people inside had been a mixed group of Blood and Landen according to Samantha and Denys. Safe enough, probably.

Until a big man with a Summer-Sky had come over with a sheet of paper, scrutinizing Denys. Then his shoulders slumped.

"Have any of you seen this man?" He put the poster down on the table, and Dinah studied it, memorizing rather rat-boy-frat-boy features, before sliding it to Momoko. "We think he kidnapped my niece."

[for heromaniac and trigons_child. Warning: references to kidnap, sexual assault; violence and possible deaths.]

Momoko gave the image a hard look, then looked back up at the man. "Your niece is missing? Since when?"

Not that the group was keyed to be upset when they heard of people missing or anything.

"Since two hours ago," the man said. "One of my other nieces, a young one, she saw Lucia struggling with a man, as she was bringing in the flock to the stockyards." His mouth flattened. "We've had problems. Off and on. Another girl's gone, she's Landen. Didn't come home last night."

Dinah got to her feet, and so did Samantha. "We'll help you look for them. Do you know why they were taken?" She grimaced. "Or is it the obvious reasons?"

The way his face crumpled hinted that yeah, it probably was the very obvious reasons.

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Kirt's tankard hitting the table as he finished its contents and stood, was loud and slightly clattery, drawing Momoko's attention. A look at his face showed that he was really trying to maintain his normal calm through an obvious cloud of fury. Where his brother's face was dark, though, Mark's face was pale. He was also standing and had a firm restraining hand on his little brother's shoulder.

Momoko wasn't sure what the story was there, but she made note of it for later. She looked up at the man looking for his niece. "I don't want to be disrespectful, but I want to be sure." Blame the police officer in her; she needed facts. "What exactly has happened?"

There was a frustrated growl from the other side of the table and Momoko turned to give her boys an eye. "We will help no matter what, but we need to know what we're walking into."

"A few of the Blood, we think..." A muscle ticked in the man's jaw. "They've been. Lurking. Watching the girls. Saying things. One or two girls, they've gone missing before. But we don't know..."

"They think the Blood are kidnapping the girls to rape them," Dinah said, her voice completely flat. Remembering all of Karla's memories: terrified housemaids. A girl running from a tavern like this one, dress torn. Being greeted by men who thought Dinah was a toy, inside that nightmare-memory. "Or keep them for future amusement."

The man crumpled the flyer in his hands, nodding, speechless.

"The local Queen can't help? Won't help?" Dinah asked, checking her pack for her weapons. "How about her Court?"

"We don't know, for sure. That they're not--" He shook his head.


Momoko had a few more questions, but trying to ask them quickly resulted in upsetting the man and causing an actual argument between Momoko and Dinah, Dinah firmly of the opinion that they needed to be doing something instead of just sitting around. She was backed up by not only the man and the rest of his company, but by most of the Karla's Kommandos as well.

The story of what Karla and the others had just experienced was still firmly in her head, however, and Momoko wanted information first. As a compromise, they decided to split up. The rest of the relatives, with Kirt, Mark, and Denys, would go out scouring the town for the missing girl.

Dinah and Samantha headed off to the other bars and inns in town. There was a good likelihood that they would run across someone who knew something there, if not the actual man or men in question.

After getting all of the information about the case from one of the relatives who'd stayed behind to explain everything they knew, and satisfied that this actually was a case of kidnapping and possible assault and not another conscription for a zombie army to attack Karla again, or worse, Momoko and Ulrich had set out from the inn to search the alleyways, seeking out thieves and the other residents of the underworld. Not that they thought there was much of a chance that the girls would be found there, but people who lived in the dark often saw things...

They stayed in communication, Samantha and Denys had threads, and Dinah and Momoko had their phones. After a few hours, they met up at the Antidote to compare information.

"Your worst beer, please," Momoko handed over a bunch of money to the innkeeper as she passed, nodding at the table where the now very motley, bruised, and beaten up crew were again gathered. "For the entire table."

She reached for Ulrich's good arm and pulled him with her to the others, already gathered. "Looks like we all need the services of a healer?" Grim humour, she was capable of it! Who knew? "What all did we find out?"

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At the fountain...

Waiting for Raven to appear, Dinah ran down what they'd figured out so far in her head, pacing around the circle.

Night had fallen now. Stars were coming out.

Re: At the fountain...

When she'd received the call from Dinah and Momoko, Raven had taken the time to ask someone to tell Karla where she'd gone, then teleported to Arundal. She'd promised Jono she wouldn't go anywhere alone, but since Dinah and Momoko were there, it didn't count as alone, right?

Re: At the fountain...

Dinah jumped down from the edge of the fountain. "Raven." And okay, a hug: it'd been more than a while since she'd seen her. "Thank you so much for coming so quickly. Momoko will be a long in a minute, she was questioning a couple people in the tavern."

Re: At the fountain...

Raven was actually glad for a good excuse to be away from the main army after what had just transpired there, and she could never refuse a friend in need.

"It is good to see you, Dinah," she said, hugging her friend. "What has happened here? How can I help?"

Re: At the fountain...

"Are you okay to help? You're not too wrung out, from-- what happened?" Dinah forced herself to say, "The attack. You're rested up? Because mainly, we may need you for teleporting. And past that-- we're kind of expecting some injuries." Her hands squeezed Raven's. "Bad ones." Girls who've been kidnapped. And abused.

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At the north district...

A weird hodge-podge of clubs, taverns, and manors in between greeted their eyes at the edge of town toward where the prostitute had given them directions. Plenty of greenery in between statuary; plenty of people out in the middle of the night.

Dinah released a slow breath. "So. Everyone got phones ready, as well as psychic threads? We approach the houses from the back. Try to get in. Look around. Move on."

Momoko gave them all long looks, but especially Mark and Kirt. "And be careful and quiet. This is just recon. If you find anything at all, contact the rest of us. Do not intervene unless a life depends on it."

"And once one of us finds something, I will bring the others there," Raven added.

Dinah gave Kirt and Mark one last look, then nodded to Denys to keep an eye on them. "Let's go."

She and Samantha started walking down one of the alleys on the east side, then ducked into the nearest club through the back door.

The kitchen; good. Not so many people right here.

Samantha touched Dinah's arm. The psychic scents here are mostly happy. Drunk, but no fear. I want to check upstairs.

Got it. Dinah followed Samantha up the back staircase, and waited while she ducked into a room through the wall, then back out. No one's here, Samantha said. All in the front.

"Next house," Dinah said aloud, very softly, and opened a window to air-walk out of.

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A block away, Momoko had the door open in short order and they walked inside. The club was old and smelled of the kind of cleaning supplies you would use to keep fine wood clean. She glided silently through the first few rooms, keeping away from the huge windows despite the heavy curtains blocking them. Curtains that could easily hide person.

There was nothing in the rooms so far to suggest that anything untoward was going on in them, or ever had. Well, unless you counted the stuffed reindeer dressed up in women's clothes that was sitting in a chair in one of the back rooms.

Momoko took a picture of it and sent it to Karla in case it meant anything more than possible drug use and then backed slooooowly out of the room.

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