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Tuesday, New Gotham, Clocktower
"This is something I missed," Dinah said, settling into the couch with a happy sigh, popcorn in a bowl on her lap. Princess Bride was just starting, since Momoko had said she hadn't ever seen it. "Just vegging out on a weeknight. I miss crimefighting too, but... I'll do that laters. Maybe."

"Or maybe not." Barbara was smiling at her from her chair, next to the couch, and reached over to take some popcorn. "There's always the Cinderella movie after this."

"Or Galaxy Quest," Helena pointed out.

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"Ooo!" Priestly raised a hand. "I vote Galaxy Quest."

He was turning into such a fanboy.

"What Cinderella movie?" Momoko was nomming on some fresh, warm, non-celery cookies. "And it depends on what season of Galaxy Quest. I am totally not re-watching any episodes with the idiot alien Barclay and his holo-fetish."

"The one Drew Barrymore did a few years ago, it doesn't have magic, but it has great costumes," Dinah told her, as the Grandfather arrived to his grandson. "On the other hand: Captain Taggart and Lieutenant Tawny."

"Oh man," Priestly said. "Don't make me choose between Drew Barrymore and Lieutenant Tawny."

Dinah threw popcorn in his hair. "Then I guess we have to watch both, hunh?"

Helena shot Priestly a grin. "Drew in a princess outfit vs. Lt. Tawny with part of her uniform missing?"

Dinah threw more popcorn at her sister for that, assisted by Barbara.

Momoko eyerolled, chuckling. "How much have you seen, anyway, Priestly? Of the show, not Lt. Tawny."

"See, Helena really gets me," Priestly declared. "And I've seen most of it. I skipped the first season and a couple of the movies, because they're supposed to be pretty bad."

"Yes, Priestly." Helena gave him an indulgent grin. "Reese has the same dilemma. Then he votes for Halle Barry as KittyCat."

"We'll only watch the really good Galaxy Quest movie," Dinah offered, and added, "With the rock monster and the exploding pig-alien and the fire corridor of doom."

Onscreen now, Wesley had disappeared. And Buttercup was never going to love again. "Awwwww... I wish Buttercup was smarter. But she is pretty."

"Wesley is so patient!"

"You haven't even seen the one where they blow up the Protector, Priestly? I totally cried for the rest of the movie!" She leaned over to pluck a piece of popcorn from his hair, popping it into her mouth.

"I'm going to need stronger cookies if we see the exploding alien one - I made the mistake of watching the 20th anniversary special. They did a behind the scenes thing on that one and now it just totally looks fake."

"One: you do not watch Galaxy Quest for the effects. That's missing the point. The point is --" Lt. Tawney's miraculous cleavage? "-- using space as a metaphor to ask probing questions about life itself." Much better stated. "Two: Buttercup's not totally stupid, she's just a giant drama queen. And three: why are we putting popcorn in my hair?"

Momoko eyerolled, TOTALLY getting his point despite not being able to read narrative.

"The popcorn's a metaphor for hairy questions about food and artifical colourings. And you watch the movies for the effects! They don't have enough plot for anything else."


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"This one has a plot," Dinah insisted, throwing herself into the middle of the Fan Wars. "It has a great plot, and its plot is True Love Can Not Be Stopped. Galaxy Quest's plot is... ummm..."

"British accents are hot?" Helena offered.

"Thank you Miss Helena," Alfred said, gliding by and leaving a plate of cookies behind.

"I know you're not talking about the movie where they go back in time to save the ozone layer," Priestly said to Momoko. "That one is classic."

Momoko eyerolled at that. "Classic doesn't mean it was good. I mean, half of the movie was about trying to fit into the past! And then it took, like, ten minutes for Dr. Lazarus to figure out what they had to do once they got to the right country. But the effects when they closed that last hole just in time were AWESOME!"

"Wait... why is Wesley leaving her again? I missed that."

"So he can seek his fortune, and be more than just a Farm Boy--"

"But there was a terrible storm. And then Wesley's ship was captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts... who leaves no prisoners."

Onscreen, the actress was saying, I shall never love again. "Awwwwww."

"I've always liked Dr. Lazarus the best," Barbara mused.

"You would," Dinah and Helena said together.

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