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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday morning, earlier than it should be


"Hey, kid. What've you been up to? And why are you still in bed?" Helena's voice sounded extra-cheerful, enough to have Dinah checking the clock and burrowing further into the covers. 9AM. God. She'd collapsed eleven hours earlier after a scrubbing-bubbling by Tony and about five showers.

"Tired. Fighting monsters yesterday." Dinah might not have given that information up so easily if she hadn't still been mostly asleep. "At Alice's shift at the record store. Leto and Arthur and Merlin and Dean and Tony and Reno and Professor Atreides and Eowyn and Chad were all there...."

"And what 'monsters' were you fighting?" Helena asked warily.

"Harpies. Smelly, nasty, foul-mouthed, fowl. Got caught outside. Cops rescued me. Dinah yawned, eyes still not yet open. "How was your day?"

"Nowhere near that exciting," Helena said, sounding somewhere between disbelieving, annoyed and worried. "Jewelry store thief. Almost as good as my mom. We're setting a trap for him tonight."

"Ooooo." If Dinah could have moved, she would have bounced. She couldn't, though. "Fun!"

"Yeaaahh, I think so. How's the rest of your week been? When you were fighting nasty imaginary things?"

There would have been eyerolling with more consciousness. "MMmmm. Pretty good. Rehearsal. Good scene with Leto. Talked to Tony 'n' Hinata and Cal. Edward. Laser tag, lots of fun. That was Tuesday." Another yawn. "Preserve with Blysse and Blind Seer. Tiny deer. Fight Club Sunday. Did okay. Hung out with the roomie after." And she was just awake enough *not* to mention meeting Harley Quinn. "Played pool with Leto."

Something else happened in there, what was... oh. Talking to Arthur. Right. Not getting into that with Helena, who'd offer to dangle him off a building. "Things are going good. Hung out with Merlin on Friday. More tutoring with Professor Atreides."

"Do you think you're getting good enough to pick locks with your TK yet? That might make parts of our job easier."

Dinah snickered. "Not yet. How's Reeeeeese?"

"He's fine." Helena sounded a tad defensive. And smitten.

"He really is."

"Hey! No perving on my boyfriend!"

Dinah giggled again, and yawned. "For an old guy."

Ominous silence from Helena's end of the line. "You just looove pushing that envelope, don't you, Dinah?"

"Yup." Dinah curled up into her comforter. "S'why I'm not getting out of bed 'til noon today."

"Slackerita. You should be out fighting crime, not relaxing after a busy week," Helena told her. "Barbara would shake her finger at you."

Dinah smirked into her pillow. "Barbara's mailing me your boots. I finished the fourth chapter in the science course ahead of schedule."

"Oh my god you are so spoiled. What grade did you get?"

"A. It was the crime scene one, with the DNA stuff. Easy."

"That's my girl." Helena's smile was audible in her voice. "Go out dancing in those boots, they're not for anything else, understood?"

"Yes, Helena." Crap, now her eyes were open. Mmm. Maybe she could fall back asleep if she worked on it.

"Go back to sleep. But I want details on those 'monsters' in your next e-mail, understood?"

Another yawwwwwn. "Yes. Details. Sleep."

A soft laugh, and, "Call me back this weekend, Dinah. Love you."

"Love you too. Kick that jewel thief's butt, 'kay?"


Helena disconnected, laughing, and Dinah flipped off her phone, then turned over, squeezing her eyes shut and trying to get back to sleep.

[ooc: will be a linkdrop, and is the answer to #60 on this week's prompt: how close is your character's relationship with their family?

And sleepy post is open.]