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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Glacia again, Tuesday
Dinah was taking a rest break outside her tent, talking to Swift about her visit back to Fandom. Swift wasn't sounding like he believed her.

*Magic that could age you twenty years and then back would take all the power of a coven of witches, and possibly their Courts*, he was saying. *To do it to a whole island...*

"You are so coming to visit there, after all this is over," Dinah told him, holding out a slice of apple, and then eating one herself.

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"Ah!" Momoko sank to the ground beside Dinah. "Another Judo session done and no one got seriously injured. Totally a success!" She leaned around her friend to nod to the horse. "Hello, Lord Swift! May I have an apple?"

*They are for all* the Kindred responded. He nosed the basket holding them over to Momoko. *Try the blush ones. They're very sweet.*

"Yay on progress. Any of them ready to spar with me yet?" Dinah asked, squinting into the sunlight, and picking up another apple, cutting it in half.

"Thank you! Ooooh! Sweet apples are the best!" She produced a knife and began peeling one of the suggested blush. "Spar with you? In Judo or in general, ms Wasn't-At-The-Lesson? There are a few who are actually promising. One pig farmer has a really strong throw! I'm going to ask Jono to move him to slingshots."

Dinah grinned not at all apologetically. "I had stuff to think about." She nodded to Swift. "I was just telling him how I was older this weekend. And so was everyone else. Back me up."

A horsey eyeroll is even more disbelieving than a human one.

"Since I am actually in a good mood, I won't tease." Momoko bit into an apple slice and, after a moment of chewing: "She's totally right, Lord Swift. A bunch of people turned older. It's happened twice now, I think? We've turned into little kids way more often." Better memories, too. "Hasn't Karla ever told you about the weird island?"

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"That kind of Craft wouldn't even be possible," Karla corrected, strolling up towards them. "Doesn't matter how many Queens, how many Courts, how many covens. Not even Jaenelle has the power to manipulate time."

She gave Dinah an amused grin. "One of those weekends, eh?"

Dinah gave an eyeroll and a smirk, and handed another slice to Swift, who looked shy. "I think I'm glad we didn't spend the whole time as five-year-olds, or I'd need three days of naps to get over it, you know?" But she still looked in a pretty darn good mood, for one of Those Weekends. "How was yours?"

"Certainly not spent twenty years in the future," Karla said with a sigh and a shake of her head. "Much more prosaic. There were drills and maps and bullying me into bed practically before sundown."

She rolled her eyes and added, "I got some of my own back, at least, making Warren practice his riding again. Even got video, which may be the only thing possible to jolly Jono out of his current mood. What on earth happened to him? I asked, and my only reply was, 'The bloody harridans know very well what they did!' before he stalked off to drink."

Eyebrow raise. "Care to elucidate?"

"Ahahahah, yay!" The idea of Warren on a horseback was-- yeah. "I need to see that."

Annnnd now even more giggling. "It wasn't our fault! It was Portalocity! They left us in the wilderness! Miiiiiles from here!"

"...And you didn't call for a Coach because....?"

Feel free to fill in those blanks, Dinah darling.

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"Hey," Warren's demeanor was fairly relaxed today as he wandered by Dinah's tent. He'd gotten most of his work done that morning, had even had time for a spar with Julian, who was now icing down a decently-sized bruise on his shoulder that Julian swore up and down was just a lucky shot. He had a little bit of downtime to spend however he wanted, and, while he'd had a mind to go and poke at paperwork regarding his own business deal with his father, the one that saw shipments of non-perishable foods and even military rations heading into Haven along with Karla's medical supplies, the prospect of catching up with Dinah appealed a little more.

"Who's going to visit where? Was Fandom doing that thing where it's completely crazy again?"



"Yup." Dinah snickered, and rubbed Swift's nose, grinning. "But in a fun way, this time. Not a depressing re-think-my-life-choices way. We all ended up twenty years older. Nothing like that happened to you guys, here?"

"This is my first time hearing about it," Warren replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "I spent most of the time you were away training. Or, uh, learning how to ride a horse."

Which, for the record, he was still having trouble with. Not for lack of trying, mind.

"Yeah, apparently, 20 years from now, I'm a stuntwoman. And Sin's going to school in New York, and I was thinking of retiring from active crimefighting."

At the mention of the horse-riding, she asked, "How's that going?"

Swift wickered, and Dinah raised an eyebrow.

Swift was getting a wrinkled nose from Warren, right along with Dinah's raised eyebrow.

"I'm not getting thrown as much as I could be," Warren offered, because that was true enough. "But certain Kindred horses still think it's funny to take off at a gallop with no warning."

So, not as well as it could be.

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