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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Somewhere in the woodsy bits of Glacia, Sunday
Dinah had kind of lost track of how far the procession had come across Glacia, by this point. If you'd pointed her to a map with a big YOU ARE HERE, she would've shrugged and said, "Okay. Sure."

But what she did know was that she was not 'on', today. The procession had taken a a find-food-and-rest-rejuvenate break for the next day and a half, so she was out in the woods with Momoko and four of the 'army', without having to wear the uncomfortable Karla costume.

Bob (whose real name was Walde... something Dinah couldn't pronounce, and so he was stuck with Bob), Alba (a teenage hunter who would kick your ass if you brought up the girl thing, or the landen thing), Joakim and Lief (trappers, Blood and landen, wary of each other) were showing them the best places to look for game, mushrooms, and berries that wouldn't require Raven's intervention. Not to mention scouting out their next path along the trail to Sidra.

So far, Dinah hadn't gotten food poisoning. And it was good to be away from the camp bustle for a bit.

She stopped at a scenic point, and called back to Momoko, "Hey! Bridge here. But I don't think the horses can handle it." Then started clattering down over the gorge.

A rickety, rackety bridge.

"It totally seems rickety," Momoko agreed, shifting her medical bag as she followed. "And these steps don't help. We should see if there's another route on the way back. We can't bring everyone over this. And it would take too much time; it's so narrow!"

Alba had stopped to set a snare, but Joakim spoke up. "There's a ford, bit further north. Wide, but shallow. Shouldn't be a problem, if we get there before the rains."

"Too far north," Lief said, laconic.

Dinah rolled her eyes at their bickering, and walked to the middle of the bridge, looking down into the gorge below them. It wasn't deep, but it was narrow, twisty, and had a ton of tiny waterfalls cascading down it. She looked upstream, trying to see if it got any shallower--


"For some, perhaps," Joakim replied, his tone less condescending than it had been last week, but still haughty.

"Why does that matter?" Alba was taking extra care with her snare, looking out towards the direction they'd come from. "We go where the land lets us. We don't really have much of a choice. We're lucky there's a bridge at all. Not many travel this way."

"Shh!" Momoko raised a hand. "Did I just hear something?"

Dinah had stopped as well, and experimentally poked the bridge with her toe. She'd thought it was just the creak of the wood under her feet, but...

Another creak. From below. She frowned, and leaned out over the railing to try and look below the wooden frame.

Joakim had done the same thing, in the other direction. Which had Dinah whirling around as he screamed in pain, then fell off the bridge.

A flash of light close by her face, and she inhaled. "Attack! We're under attack!"

Lief uttered a curse and ran quickly to where Joakim had been. Bow at the ready, he scanned the area. "Where? I'm not seeing anything?"

Momoko took off into the air, scanning to try to locate anyone.

"There!" Alba pointed at a section of trees. "There he is!"

Momoko swiveled in mid-air, her yo-yo flying just ahead of one of Lief's arrows towards a small out of place bit of blue in the greenery.

Both the arrow and the yo-you were turned away, mid-flight, but Alba had taken advantage of the distraction they had been to move around and try to get behind the guy.

"Aaaaah!" Only to be sent flying out from the trees herself.

"What the..." Momoko narrowed her eyes at that, even as she sent another yo-yo into the trees. The direction Alba was going mean the attack had come from a different place! That meant... "There's more than one! Dinah! Lief!"

Dinah'd been about to say that, but was now too busy dodging and weaving away from bursts of light on the bridge. One got even closer and sent a tingling up her fingers, as if she'd hit her funnybone.

"There's one under the bridge!" she called, trying to pull Joakim up from the rocks below without getting hit by stray bolts. He was lying far too still, and another burst of energy zoomed past her to take out half the guard rail. Bob yelled and nearly fell, flattening himself on the boards at the last second. "Alba! Are you hurt?"

There was a muttered swearing from Alba as she struggled to her feet. "'M alive. Blood!"

"How many are-" Momoko was flung into a tree with enough force to actually push her into the tree. She could feel the pressure holding her there fluctuate slightly, though, and when it next lessened she kicked her shoes into action and flew up and out of the power.

She gave a spin and then sent her yo-yo out to the second spot of colour in the trees. Really, they needed to learn about camoflague! "Gotcha!"

Her yo-yo landed, striking him in the head. A second yo-yo following soon after to tug his feet out from under him. He fell with a muffled oath.

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Meanwhile, back at the camp

It was still two hours or so until sunset.

People were drilling in lines (with and without some success); the ones who weren't out gathering food or hunting, that is.

A large campfire in the center, with jugs of water and logs drawn close to sit on, had been started in order to be ready for cooking whatever was brought back.

Things were orderly. Fairly calm. A little tense.

Therefore, Dinah, Momoko, and only two of the people who'd left a couple hours earlier, returning with each carrying or dragging a travois with a dead body--with Momoko carrying Lief-- caused some comment. Possibly even commotion

Re: Meanwhile, back at the camp

Raven had been enjoying the break. She'd become much more accustomed to riding horses in the time they'd been travelling, but it was still nice to take some time actually walking instead.

She felt Dinah and Momoko's return before she heard it; their arrival definitely caused a sudden heightening of emotions. Knowing she might be needed, she started to run towards them.

Re: Meanwhile, back at the camp

Momoko was injured, but healing. What was most important to her right now was that the one she was carrying be tended to.

"Raven! Lief! He was trying to stop the guy from attacking and...?" She nodded to the body in her arms. He was warm! That was the worst part. That and the fact that he looked like he was still screaming.

Re: Meanwhile, back at the camp

Raven practically flew to Momoko's side, helping her to ease Lief's body to the ground. "What happened?" she said, kneeling beside him. He didn't appear to be physically injured, but as she touched her hands to his face, she could feel all the damage to his mind, so much that it made her gasp.

Re: Meanwhile, back at the camp

Dinah was covered in scrapes and bruises, looking grim. Alba's knees had buckled as soon as she lay the body she was dragging down. The girl looked exhausted, blood all over her chin, shaky and shaking. Bob appeared uninjured, but pale and anxious.

"One of the Blood mind-blasted him. Or whatever it is they do." Dinah carefully put her travois down, and said a little more quietly, "None of them made it."

Re: Meanwhile, back at the camp

Momoko didn't like the way that Raven gasped. She looked at her friend, pleadingly. "I did the best I could, but... he seems to still be breathing a little? There was blood from his face and ears, but we cleaned that up. He doesn't seem to have any wounds...?"


Re: Meanwhile, back at the camp

"This is no easy task," Raven murmured, closing her eyes. Her Soul-Self rose from her body, hovering above them as she struggled to mend Lief's mind. As she drew his injury into herself, however, it began to muddle her own mind, and the pain was so much she began to shake violently. Still, she was too stubborn to give up so easily.

Re: Meanwhile, back at the camp

"Raven?" Dinah paused, reaching for her. Trying to give her support, help, strength. "What are you trying to do? What's-- is he still in there?"

The lack of response scared her. Raven? RAVEN! ANSWER ME!

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