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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Yet Another Little Village in Glacia, Sunday afternoon
"Stand up straighter." One seamstress was adjusting the fall of Dinah's shiny new cloak.

"She's too tall already," argued another one, working on hemming the gown she was supposed to be wearing on their next leg of the trip.

"Repeat back to me what order you're meant to address the local Blood townspeople," demanded one of the Blood retainers who was helping Dinah get ready.

"And the names of all the villages," said another woman.

...why did Dinah agree to be Karla's body-double, again?

[ooc: open to all those in Glacia who want to saaave Dinah, as well as phone calls and texts from elsewhere]


Momoko was sitting off to the side, sorting through a basket of leather and fabric scraps, hoping to find some good enough pieces to make slings from.

She was totally not giggling at her BFF. Nope. Not Momoko.

(She totally was)

Dinah stuck out her tongue at her and crossed her eyes.

"You can't do that when you're being the Queen," someone said in exasperation.

"You really don't know Karla that well, do you?" Dinah demanded.

"A Queen is a Queen," one of the ladies muttered. "And stand up or these measurements..."

"She's right." Momoko giggled harder. "Karla versus Queen, Dinah. Totally two different things."

"That is so psycho." Dinah grumbled and then flinched as one of the seamstresses poked her with a pin, straightening. "Fine! So Blood. I want Priestly here to preach at you guys about the evils of too much investment in set roles. Because I bet he knows the jargon better." More grumbling.

There were many confused looks from the people gathered around, which did not help Momoko's giggle fit.

"Even Priestly would agree with us," she nodded, trying to look sagely despite the giggles. "He knows different roles have rules that have to be obeyed."

Ah! "Think of it like that! Like it's just a job! Just pretend you've got to take the place of someone rich who inherited her family business! Only it's politics and not," She waved a piece of too-firm leather. "You know, clothes, or restaurants, or something"

"I would tell these rich people to lighten up," spoken directly to the person messing with her cloak. But Dinah sounded more resigned. Sort of. "Okaaay. Priestly would still agree with me. But." She straightened, and repeated the beginning of her speech. At least she sounded right. "I appreciate the public interest in my return to Glacia, and intend to listen to those of you who wish to bring your concerns to my attention while I am in the area. I can not confirm rumors at this time... however, I would be happy to hear what news you have heard prior to my arrival."

Was that a pin suddenly pricking into her ankle? Hmm?

"'Will not'," Momoko dropped another piece of cloth into the KEEP pile and dug back into the basket. "You will not confirm rumours... you totally can, but you won't. Queens can do whatever; you don't want to. And even Priestly follows rules of his role, you know."

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"Never before have I been so tempted to just take this opportunity to run away," Karla teased from the doorway. "I am looking at my future and lo, it is terrifying."

"Don't you dare," Dinah threatened, eyes wide in horror. And okay, laughter. "You run away right now and I will hunt you down, lady. Hunt you down and feed you to Arcerian kittens. It'll take them a long time to finish you off with those baby teeth of theirs."

"You can't speak to Lady Karla that way," one of the Blood said, sounding upset.

"Of course she can," Karla said, refraining from rolling her eyes because it wouldn't be polite, "she's First Circle."

On the one hand, she didn't want just anyone thinking it was okay for people to talk to her like that. On the other, people were going to have to learn that her Court was going to be incredibly unconventional. At best.

"Unless you were protesting that inhumane treatment to baby Arcerians," she added. "I'm awfully stringy."

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Dinah's grin turned wicked. "You could be a good source of fiber? No, I think you're right. We're going to have to fatten you up first." She flapped her arms. "Unfortunately, I'm a little pinned down for that." Literally, damnit.

To the Blood guy she said, "If you wanna switch places and see how fun it is, I guarantee you'll want to feed her to something by the end too." With a wink at Karla. "What's up? How goes the progress of our... progress?"

"I dunno, I could talk business, but this seems like a good time to start confessing to anything I haven't told you yet." Karla matched Dinah's wicked grin with one of her own. "I bet I could be out the door before you manage to to free yourself..."

The expression on one of the seamstress's face had her hastily backpedaling though. She didn't want anyone remembering that little stunt when it came her turn to be poked and pinched and pinned.

"In all seriousness," she said quickly, "really well. Jono's still baffled by our recruitment numbers and my meetings are all going...very well."

"Yes!" Dinah fist-pumped and nearly hit the cloak-seamstress in the head. "Sorry! Ahem. That is awesome, and great to hear. Although it does bring up the food thing again. If I meet anyone who can make food magically appear out of nothing--" Wait. She stopped. "Do we know anyone like that? Seriously? Food-summoning magicians?" After a few years in Fandom, anything seemed possible.

"The closest we have is Warren and his ridiculous scads of money," Karla said with a sigh. It wasn't that she didn't appreciate his scads of money, or how easily he spent it to help, but...

This was her Territory. She shouldn't need a boyfriend to finance it!

"Which is helpful. But somehow, I think a civil war is different from a catering job."

But that so wasn't Karla's fault, because the whole reason the Territory needed financing was one of the reasons for said civil war.

"Hmm. Okay. So. Food, without pillaging, um." Dinah frowned, thinking. "Okay, I got nothing, but I'm going to keep thinking about this, even if it means we have portable wagons of veggie gardens going with us." She hopped off the dais. "Now. How are *you* doing?"

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