Dinah's Voicemail

"This is Dinah Lance! Leave a number or text and I'll probably get back to you as soon as I'm done texting or talking to whoever I'm on the phone with right this very second."


Taystee Diner and bits of its street, New Gotham, Valentine's Day

Priestly and Dinah had had plans, darnit. Romantic, schmoopy, sexy plans! ... which were now foiled, at least temporarily, by Priestly's day-job-boss, who had him working late. Bah.

So, if Priestly couldn't come to the Valentine's Day, it was going to him!

Okay, that was for later. But it was under the coat, and it was going to motivate him to close up the Diner as fast as he could.

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The Clocktower, New Gotham, Wednesday

So the Impromptu Party was arranged with treats from Alfred (cookies and fudge and some candied fruit) and a cake that Dinah had picked up at the bakery, plus champagne.

Really, she and Priestly just felt like hosting a party. Yup. No other reason.

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New Gotham

Divinity Church, New Gotham, Saturday

There were a lot of people who'd wanted invitations to the wedding of a member of the Gordon clan to a member of the Wayne family. They were out of luck; and party-crashers were going to be disappointed too, because there were a lot of off-duty cops acting as security around the church, to discourage any paparazzi (or any criminals who thought they had a reason to be there).

Yellow roses and shiny black ribbons were everywhere, women were actually wearing hats, and no one was so hungover they couldn't function.

Time to find a pew and settle in.

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Pastry Passions and Caffeine Consumptions, New Gotham, Sunday

Dinah had had to work through her birthday. Which had sucked, a lot. Because it had been an adultery case, and it took until 3 A.M. to finally get enough evidence for the client on Monday. (Also the blow-up doll had been disturbing.)

So she had celebrated her birthday this morning with her family, and now was about to indulge in sugar and caffeine with her best friend at a coffee shop.

A general text got sent out: Happy Birthday to me! How are you guys doing?

Was it a birthday present that she wasn't at the Fandom invasion, or a birthday curse that so many of her friends were?

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Saturday, New Gotham, Wedding Belle's Dress Shop

With only three months until the wedding, Barbara's OCD was in overdrive. She had already picked out the venue, the date (May 14) and had most of the guest list covered. Now she was obsessing on the details, including her dress, Helena's dress, and Dinah's dress.

Which was why Dinah was at the dress shop today, taking photos of herself in bridesmaid and other gowns, and sending them to Barbara and anyone who might find them amusing.

So, what do you think of this one?

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The Clocktower, New Gotham, Saturday

Dinah had actually bought some pretty nice presents for Priestly's birthday, and had found a good place to get a cake (the guy shouldn't have to make one on his own birthday (unless he really wanted to)). It was going to be a pretty cool day--

--but Dinah was not in residence. Instead, Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc. (circa 1558), was stopping by.

Currently she was looking out the glass windows of the Clocktower in amazement, a little fear, and a great deal of bewilderment.

Which would probably shortly become 'really pissed off' as soon as she had someone to talk to.

[Open for visits and phone calls! Dinah is now Queen Elizabeth I, based on Rachel Skarsten's appearances on Reign.]
New Gotham

Thursday night, New Gotham

A Thursday night, complete with two carjackings, a break-in at a security place, and a gang fight broken up.

Canary and Nightwing, hanging (out) on the edge of the skyscraper.

"...I'm asking Babs to marry me tomorrow."

Dinah didn't turn her head, but she did side-eye Dick through her mask. "Really? I mean. For sure, this time?Collapse )