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New Gotham Clocktower, Tuesday evening
The snowboarders raced down the slope, and three of them crashed together and wiped out. The remaining two went flying over the jumps and slamming down around the curves at who-knew-what-kilometers-per-hour.

"I wanna do that!"

"Shocker." Gabby didn't even look up from her study position on the couch.

"No," Barbara said from studying New Gotham map information.

"If you go a year without breaking something, I'll buy you a snowboard," Helena said, nibbling her popcorn.


[ooc: open for phone calls, texts, silliness. I HAD TO. DINAH AND I WANNA GO SNOWBOARDING.]

Dinah was totally overdue for a call from her BFF while things were totally normal.

Which is what this was, of course. Bathsheba "Sheba" Priestly was absolutely completely normal.

As far as she was concerned, anyway.

The Priestly ring-tone went off, and Dinah answered it, while vaulting over the couch.

"Priestly! Hey, are you watching the Olympics? Oh my god did you see the collision on snowboarding?"

Sheba smirked. "Lance! I haven't. The US coverage is too full of Russian stereotypes, and I haven't figured out how to stream the BBC, yet. Is it good? Can I watch it with the sound turned down and still follow it?"

Dinah blinked at that, focusing on the important things first. "Yes, totally, it's not like they're saying anything important. Well, aside from telling me that one guy just got out of an induced coma in July, but you can figure everything else out from the timer and the numbers on the jerseys." She reached over for some of Helena's popcorn. "You're a girl again? When did this happen?"

Sheba snorted. "Awhile ago. Whole months, even. I'm pretty sure the last 'girls to boys' weekend was at least last fall. This was 'potential future children' weekend. I thought my son and daughter filled you in via text."

"Ahhh--" Waitaminute what? If Priestly would ever quit messing with her, she'd know how to respond to that... "Yeah, Bishop wanted pick-up lines, if you can believe it. Then Jane got the phone just as it was getting embarrassing. I told them about walking in on you and Tish in the kitchen that one time."

"Oh man, I thought your face was going to explode." Sheba grinned. "I'm pretty sure she was just happy to hear that Tish and I were a thing in this universe, too, even if only for a little while. You know, once she got past the whole 'ugh, my parents had sex!' thing."

"She's still not past that. She was claiming she was found under a cabbage leaf. It was hilarious." Dinah snickered, settling back into the couch. "And it was the sex pollen weekend, Tish calling me on the ogling didn't help! ... And Bishop was all about you and Dean. Twooooo wuuuuuv."

"Yeah, never mind that Dean looks like he could be my brother. And, you know, is a guy, and thus not my wheelhouse."

It was a like a needle-scratch moment in a movie.

"...well, that last bit is no surprise." Okay, no blithely blowing this off now. "Priestly? You do remember where you guys are identical, right?"

"Sure thing, Lance," Sheba said. "You know, except for the whole X or Y chromosome, sure, I can almost see it. Did you get hit in the head again? And what's with the last names? Are we in a crime fighting drama, now? Ooo, can I be the bad cop?"

You could almost hear the screeeeee of mental brakes there.

Dinah got up to walk around as she started to figure this out. "Priestly-- what do I usually call you? Humor me, 'kay?"

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Momoko was finally calling Dinah. Blame the delay on the pyromancers robbing banks in downtown El Paso.

She was twiddling with the newly trimmed ends of her hair and frowning as she waited for Dinah to pick up.

Forgive Dinah for being extra-careful when she answers the phone, Momo.

"Momoko Akatsutsumi?" JUST CHECKING, OKAY?

"Nooooo. I'm Momoko. You're Dinah... At least you'd better be or this is totally the weirdest Fandom weridness ever."

"Ohhhhthankgod." Dinah sat down on the floor, and Camille wandered over to nose at her fingers. "Momo? You-- I've always been a girl, right? And so have you? Except on those weird weekends?"

Momoko made a face at her phone for a moment. "Uhm. I can't swear to before you were sixteen, but I think so? I have been. What's wrong? Did you get turned down or something?"

... hahahahaha! Like that would happen to Dinah.

Ahaahahah more often than Momoko would think.

"Nooo. I just got off the phone with Priestly." Dinah took a breath. "Bathsheba Priestly. My best friend. For the last five years. I'm not the only one that remembers Priestly being a guy, right? Please say I'm right."

"Of course Priesty's a guy. Not!me dated him and Not!you tried to marry him." Which totally proved it, see?

"Who's Bathsheba?"

"Bathsheba *is* Priestly. A Priestly. I... if Priestly had been a girl, she's who he was, maybe? I don't know! I mean, if it weren't completely mean, I'd say Priestly and some girl had cooked this up to mess with me, but you know how Fandom is! He's a girl who remembers always being a girl!"

"Dinah, did you get hit in the head again? Do I need to call Mister Alfred to take you go to the hospital?"

"Why does everyone always think of that first?" Dinah asked in exasperation. "I'll track Alfred down to back me up, but I'm serious! You call him. If you get a girl named Sheba, then you owe me ice cream."

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"Because you're Dinah." Momoko eyerolled, fondly.

"Okay okay. So he's turned into a girl... it's a weirdness thing. Why are you upset by it? He was fine over the weekend."

"Because he doesn't remember being a guy," Dinah said with some intensity. "He doesn't remember-- She doesn't remember dating Claudia, she says they were good friends but Claudia didn't swing her way. Because she says she quit the cooking school because they said women couldn't be top-notch chefs, and she didn't want to deal with all that crap. Not because of getting weirded out by success." She let out a breath. "See? I mean... okay, I guess he could become himself again tomorrow, but. This is a Tuesday, Momoko!"

"Okay, you have a point. Remembering some things and mixing up others is a little different." She chewed on that for a while. "What do you want to do? Should we kidnap him.... her?"

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